Thursday, August 16, 2007

Most Improved Actress...

As I was scrolling some blogs, looking for ideas for my first post(Note: I didn't copy anything!!) I found an interesting topic. Who will/should win the most improved actress this year?? This is who I think will enter the final five...


Selena Li. She is now a contracted artist of TVB. She entered the show biz in 2003 after participating in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003. She was the winner of Miss Talent and Miss Photogenic. She is now one of the fa dans in TVB. Her acting is undeniably, excellent. Recently, in May 2007, with much controversy over the battle of TVB and ATV, Virginia Lok has selected 10 potential “fa dans” of the future. Selena Li was regarded as the most successful actresses of the 10 selected, as she is starting to gain more leading roles.

I think ... she is an excellent actress. She is one of the actresses who I think actually used her ability to get to the top! As much as I like Linda, I think Selena should've won the Improvement award last year instead. Her performance in To Grow with Love was excellent!! She was able to portray the character very well. I support Selina for improvement!!

Leila Tong

Leila Tong. She isn't a contracted artist of TVB. She entered the show biz at the age of eight. She has participated in many movies and tv shows since then. Her break through performance was Aqua Heroes, where she acted as a bratty little sister who loved having things her way. She is a known Fa dan of TVB. This year, War and Destiny came out and once again, the audience applauded her performance.

I think ... Leila has potential. Like Selena, Leila fought her way to the top. In my opinion, she is under-promoted by TVB. TVB doesn't wish to promote those who are not under its management, which is not very fair to Leila. Leila has improved a lot from Square Pegs to the Life Made Simple(sequel of Square Pegs). I am a Niki fan too, but I think Leila deserved the award that year, more than Niki did.

Fala Chen

Fala Chen. She entered the show biz through the Miss Chinese Internation Pageant. She was first runner up after Leanne Li. She is a contracted artist of TVB and is currently promoted. Although only three shows of hers (Forensic Heroes, Heart of Greed and The Family Link) has been broadcasted, she is already a well-known actress.

I think ... it's too early for Fala to win the Most Improved award. As a beginner, Fala's acting is terrific!! But she isn't the most improved in the group. Perhaps after one or two years, it'll be her turn to win the award. However, seeing TVB is highly promoting her, she might not need to wait one or two years. She has a high possibility to win the award...

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui. She is the winner of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2004. She won almost every single award that year.She was considered a dark horse at first but then gained fame when she bagged the Fitness award. Despite calling her acting too exaggerated by many, she is promoted by TVB.

I think ... She is improving compared to her first performance in Le Femme Desperado. However, she still doesn't have what it takes to win the Most Improvement award. Like Fala, TVB is promoting her, so she might have a chance...

Toby Leung

Toby Leung. She was a former member of 女生宿舍. The band however, didn't last too long. After they disbanded, the other members continued their career as a singer in the mainland. While Toby, whose father has a certain position in TVB, joined and became a TVB artist. She participated in Men's pain and The Drive of Life as supporting actress.

I think ... that among all five, she is the one who doesn't deserve the award most. Her acting, no offense... well, sucks. Without much effort, she become the second lead actress ASAP. Although with not much fans, she may be the one who will get this award as her father has a high position in TVB. Who knows?

To conclude, I think Selena and Leila most deserve the award. But the TVB 40th anniversary is like three months away, who knows what will happen then? Anyway, don't forget to participate in the poll at the right. Vote for who you think shall win the award!!

P.S. Sorry, I have no idea why it is in chinese...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Welcome to Tvb Special

TvbSpecial is a place where you can find many different things featuring TVB artistes, couples and many other stuff! I'm new at this, so wish me luck!!